The Horror Zine Magazine Spring 2014

The Horror Zine Magazine Spring 2014 - Jeff Parsons, Patrick Lacey, Dominique Lamssies, Nathan Witkin, David Longshore, Nicholas DahDah, L. A. Forman, Jorge B. Valdes, Scott Bowen, Matt Hayward, Jeani Rector From the mildly creepy to sci-fi to campy or bizzare, this collection has something for almost anyone. If you’re looking for lots of blood and gore, look elsewhere. Otherwise, give The Horror Zine Magazine a chance.

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

I initially downloaded the sample to my Kindle because I haven’t read anything from The Horror Zine in a long time. I was hooked by the first story, “Big Bertha” by Patrick Lacey. I’m a sucker for stories that read like something from a 1980s B-horror movie, so I had to see what else this issue had to offer.

I struggled through the next two stories, but “Jacob’s Last Rising” by David Longshore grabbed my attention and convinced me to keep reading.

"Author of Destruction" by Nicholas DahDah was a fabulous first published story with an amusing twist at the end, and I hope to see more of his work in the future. "The Nevermore" by James Marlow was a creepy tale of a possible descent into madness. Both of these were inspired by (and reminiscent of) two greats: Poe and Lovecraft.

Those were my favorite stories, but I think the others were pretty good. I will definitely continue to read publications from The Horror Zine Magazine in the future, and I hope to see some of these authors again.

The poetry varied greatly in style and theme. I liked most of the poetry from this issue, but my favorites were from Dennis Bagwell, Mathias Jansson, Ed Blundell, Jean Jones, and Joseph V. Danoski.

Overall, I liked this one a lot and I do recommend it.