City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare I'm pretty sure I only finished this because I dragged a friend along with me because she hadn't read it yet, either. I'm glad this angel-forsaken series is behind me because it really should have ended with three books, as originally planned.

I feel like a couple hundred pages could have easily been left out without losing anything from the story, and the side bit about Emma, Julian, and the others from LA were basically unnecessary (I'm guessing they were included to introduce the characters from the new series?), and I found myself not really caring about anyone.

Jace and Clary still got on my nerves, but I was glad to see some growth with them. I think the only thing I was actually interested in at all was Magnus and Alec's relationship specifically them getting back together, which was the only reason I even read this book, after I found out for sure that they did get back together . Oh and Tessa and Jem because I liked TID and both of them and I was happy to finally see them in this series. I really liked the part where Jem "catnapped" Church at the end haha.

I'm sorry if I'm offending any big fans, I really am. I wanted to love this series, but I started kind of hating it pretty quickly. I know it's popular and well loved, and I think I get why. It just wasn't for me.