Escapism: Words + Photos

Escapism: Words + Photos - Candice Lee, Candice Lee Full review on my blog: Caffeinated Bibliophile.

I love the photography in this book, and I enjoyed a fair bit of the poetry. It didn't blow me away, or affect me the way I expect poetry to affect me, but I think it might have if I'd more recently experienced a breakup.

I hate reviewing poetry like this because you can tell it’s so personal to the poet, but, because it’s so personal, not all if it will work for everyone else. The poetry wasn’t general, exploring heartbreak broadly, but quite specific. I think that’s why I had such a difficult time relating to it.

So, I did like this poetry book, but I was definitely not the target audience. Still, I did highlight a few parts that spoke to me.

I received a free copy to review from a goodreads giveaway