Being Me

Being Me - Lisa Renee Jones [b:If I Were You|15717721|If I Were You (Inside Out, #1)|Lisa Renee Jones||21388692] ended on a huge cliffhanger that had me shaking my Kindle and yelling at it. I needed to know what happened in the storage unit after the lights went out. Thankfully, Being Me picks up right where the first book left off, so I only had to wait for answers as long as it took to download this book to my Kindle.

The story so far:

The Inside Out series is sort of "erotic romance" with a little "mystery/suspense" mixed in. Sara--the heroine of books one and two--discovered journals with some very naughty (and sometimes frightening) entries in a storage unit. She decided to try to find the woman and return her possessions, but also to make sure the woman from the journals--Rebecca--was ok, because the last few entries in her journals made Sara think something bad might have happened to Rebecca. Sara becomes obsessed with finding Rebecca because no one seems to have any idea what happened to her, and she soon finds herself living Rebecca's life.

At the art gallery Rebecca had worked, Sara gets a job (basically replacing Rebecca) and meets Chris. They've started a steamy affair and are falling fast and hard for one another. However, at the end of If I Were You, Sara learns about Chris's involvement in the BDSM lifestyle and she's not sure she can deal. This book picks up their story there.

I liked Chris and Sara in the first book, but I didn't love them in this one. There were some serious hot-then-cold moments with them, and Chris started reminding me of another male-lead with a similar name, from a different series that I hate. In the same respect, Sara began to remind me of the female-lead from that same series. Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with their relationship in this book.

I found Chris to be a little too controlling (or "protective" as he claimed he was being) and Sara was kind of a mess at times. Actually, both of them took me on an unpleasant emotional rollercoaster. I literally found myself beating my head on the wall a couple of times. The sex was still pretty hot, and there were some phrases (and erotic threats) I really liked. Otherwise, I didn't care all the much about Sara and Chris. They have some issues they need to work out, both individually and as a couple, and I hope to see that in the next book.

While I didn't like them as a couple very much, it was great to get a deeper look into their lives in this book. I really think Chris has a big heart and (despite his tough-guy mask) I think he's acually kind of a fragile, sensitive man. The thing with Dylan kind of broke my heart and I felt awful for Chris and what he was going through with it all.

There were quite a few mentions of some big secret Sara had, and she was so sure Chris would hate her or something once he found out. I really didn't see that reveal coming. I was expecting something totally different, so it was a shock. I liked the way Chris handled it, though, and it explained some things about Sara nad how her mind works. I hurt for her and what she'd gone through, but I hope she can really, finally, put it behind her.

We do find out what happened to Rebecca...sort of. I honestly wasn't completely surprised by the time it came out. I suspected someone else was involved, but apparently they were caught up in something else.

There was one other twist that I would have liked to know more about, but I'm not sure it was actually important to the story to have more details. Maybe it will come up again later.

I didn't absolutely love this book, but I'm definitely continuing the series. There are still questions I want answered, and I want to know what happens with the characters. I have the third book ready to go on my Kindle, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.