Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #14)

Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #14) - Laurell K. Hamilton I think I gave up looking for a plot less than halfway in. There were a few interesting moments, but I am not impressed. I think I'm giving the next book a chance and then I'm done with the series if it's not at least a little better than this one.

I'm pretty sure this book could have had a good 150 pages cut and nothing important would have been lost. There was just too much filler, too little plot, and honestly not enough sex to make it even close to worth it. I'm amazed that my boredom allowed me to finish it, but I think the only things I'll remember, if I remember anything are Anita almost killing Damian again how many times? And also Asher getting an animal, the Merlin show, and...Merpeople? I'm not even sure that stuff will stick. Oh, didn't Anita think she was pregnant for like three chapters? Wow, I literally just read the last page less than 5 minutes ago and I'd already forgotten that part.

I rarely feel like I truly wasted my time with reading a book, but this one might make it on that short list.