A Wrinkle in Time (The Time Quintet #1)

A Wrinkle in Time (The Time Quintet #1) - Anna Quindlen, Madeleine L'Engle This isn't really a review, and I'm only writing this so later, if I start to wonder why I rated it the way I did and if I should read the next book, I'll remember.

I can't decide if I'm glad I read this as an adult, or if I wish I'd read it as a young child. I think I would have certainly enjoyed it more, had I read it between ages 5 and 8, but that was also while I was living with very strict Christian family members. Briefly, after that, I lived in a slightly less strict household with more diversity in the town I lived in, so I was (finally) exposed to more, before abruptly going back to the strict Christian home. So, before age 8, I would have had no problems with this book at all, other than probably thinking it was a bit ridiculous (but in an entertaining way). After age 8, I would have been more perceptive and critical, and would have been a bit uncomfortable with the heavy Christian tones. (I also would have felt that way about the gorgeous scientist mom being at home while her husband is off having an adventure, but I wouldn't have been able to explain why at the time.)

But, reading this as an adult has been strange. I think the story had the potential to be really interesting, but it was jarring at times with the way it switched from "yay, science!" to dumping quotes from The Bible and the like. I'm not against religious fiction, but I'm not a fan of it in books like this and The Chronicles of Narnia. (I also went into those books as an adult, totally unaware of the religious aspect before reading them.)

Then there were the characters. I actually really loved the first few chapters of this book. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which were fun to read about, but I gradually lost interest. I'm getting tired of the self-deprecating young female lead characters. I realize this was published several decades ago, but I was also annoyed by the (brilliant?) scientist mother, who's apparently beautiful, just hanging out at home being a mom for the most part, while her (also brilliant scientist?) husband is off on some super secret mission/adventure thing. Then there were the basically pointless twin boys (I assume they'll actually be important in later books), the super-genius preschooler, and the obligatory dude who's slightly older than the lead girl (I assume he'll become the love interest, especially since both seemed fond of each other and they had that kiss) and also "better" than her.

Basically, I just don't get the hype. I want to, kind of, but I have a lot of thoughts about this book and not many are very good thoughts. I'm definitely reconsidering handing it off to my kid now, though. I just heard it's becoming a movie, and the cast looks good, so maybe I'll see that if it ends up on Netflix or something. I liked the first Narnia movie more than the book, so maybe that'll be the case with this.