Club Dead

Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris I couldn't remember why I'd rated this one lower than the first two, but pretty quickly I found out again. For one thing, Sookie--while still a mostly strong and independent woman in this book--was so whiny and just...not the Sookie I'd come to love from the first two books. I get it, though. Real people can experience changes in the way they feel about things that seem to be total opposites, but it isn't always a permanent situation. In this book, Sookie complained about Bill giving so much money to the Bellefleurs, while she struggled to make ends meet. But she doesn't want to be a kept-woman, etc., etc. I get it. She's not exactly poor, but she's still struggling. It's easy to get jealous, or direct your anger at your situation to someone who's doing better/could help you/etc.

There's more, but I'm too tired to list everything else out. Basically, she wasn't quite acting like herself, which was slightly annoying, but it was also easily explained by circumstances and the fact that people change, sometimes quickly and temporarily.

Ok, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this one (ranging from fury to excitement), but I'm too tired to put them all down. Note for future me, if I ever decide to read these again and can't remember this one: Bill is an ass. Eric is an ass, but I still love him. Sookie went through hell and wasn't exactly herself as we've come to know her in books 1 & 2, but I still love her. Alcide, I still have mixed feelings about because part of me likes him and part of me is annoyed by him. Sookie doesn't get nearly enough credit for the shit she accomplishes and goes through, and it was seriously toned down in True Blood, I think.

I will say that I'm still annoyed that El--er, I mean, Bubba, was left out of True Blood. I loved "Bubba" in the books.