Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning - Charlaine Harris I have feelings, and I'm starting to think I should have taken notes about stuff while re-reading these books, so I could remember everything. This one was...a lot. Vamp drama was at an all-time high, emotions were high, stakes (hehe) were high, and a lot of ground was covered in this one. Sookie and Eric's relationship is possibly permanently altered thanks to Appius, the jerk, who basically gave Eric to the OK Queen, which outranks his vampire marriage to Sookie. Pam...poor Pam. This was the one when we see more of the softer side of Pam, and my heart broke for her and the situation with Miriam. I'm really, really glad Victor died for good, after blocking her from being able to turn Miriam before the woman died. Bill and Sookie had at least one interesting moment, and I probably liked him more in these last couple of books than I ever did in the beginning. (I'm just not a Bill fan. I always liked Sookie & Eric.) That whole bit with her ending up in his hiding place, naked, kinda on top of him, while hiding from the people trying to abduct her was just hilarious. Who knows what's going to happen to the LA vamps now that Victor and all his vamps are dead, at the hands of Eric and his vamps, plus a few humans, and I hate that I can't remember what happens next. Actually, that bit in Fangtasia, with Bubba, was just about all I remembered from this book at all before my re-read. And then there's Sookie's fae relatives, and the other fae stuck on this side of the portal. But, she finally learned probably as much truth as she'll ever learn about her family's history like how often Fintan was actually around, impersonating the human man she'd always though was her grandfather, creepy freaking fairies. Sandra Pelt showed up again and hurrah for Sookie, Sam, and...uh...Jannalynn? Whatever Sam's Were girlfriend's name is, for taking Sandra out of the picture for good. I can't remember what happens with Sookie and Amelia's friendship. I like Amelia a lot, but she really crossed a line blabbing about Sookie in the Were bar, then her and Claude letting Alcide into Sookie's house while she wasn't there, and inviting him into her bed? Seriously? I know Amelia doesn't think too much before acting, but that, on top of her kinda pushing Sookie to break her bond with Eric was just way too much. I think this was the first book I had real issues with Eric, which is sad. I mean, he wasn't exactly a great guy, but I adore him anyway. When he took blood from Sookie, after the big fight, I was really not happy about the way he did it. And before that, him keeping everything about the situation with Appius and the arrangement with the OK Queen? Not cool. Kudos to Pam for trying her damnedest to get Eric to tell Sookie what was going on, because he should have, much sooner.