Definitely Dead

Definitely Dead  - Charlaine Harris I'd forgotten big chunks of this book, and some of the characters who weren't really part of the story until this one, so this was a really fun book to revisit. Two of my favorite characters, Quinn & Amelia (who were both left out of the show -_-), were kind of major additions (Quinn actually came along in the previous book, I think, but he wasn't a major character in it, he just had a cameo), and it was nice to "see" them again. I'd also totally forgotten about Bob, whose fate I can't remember but the bit about him being turned into a cat by Amelia is equally alarming and hilarious to me, so now I'm looking forward to remembering more as I read on.

This was the book that made me feel vindicated in my dislike and distrust of Bill Compton. I never really loved him, or liked him much (and I always shipped Sookie & Eric, when I thought of her with a vamp), and finding out how he'd deceived Sookie really pissed me off. I mean, I remembered it, and remembered exactly how she found out, but reading about it again didn't make me hate him any less.

I think I liked Sophie Anne more in the books than on the show, and I was glad to be reintroduced to her in this one. I feel like they made her...less, or something, on the show. She's more interesting in the books, at least in my opinion.

I keep having to remind myself that the show is honestly more like fanfic turned into a show than actual canon Southern Vampire Mysteries, because the differences can be so extreme. True Blood was ok, but I still tell people to not judge the books by it, because they're not really the same thing. So, if you've avoided the books because you don't like the show, and that's the only reason, give the books a try.