Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas  - Charlaine Harris I'm so glad I decided to re-read these books now that I've finished watching True Blood. I remembered they were better than the show (although there were a few things I preferred on the show like how Lafayette didn't die in the show), but there's so much that was left out or condensed and altered for the show that I didn't really love. Like, little moments with Eric (Eric and Pam were two of my favorite characters in the books and on the show) that weren't in the show, but were really amusing in the books. Like when Sookie is going to go to the orgy party and Bill is out of town so she calls Eric and asks him to be her bodyguard. He then shows up in neon lycra and a trenchcoat. Book Eric is even more entertaining, imo, than True Blood Eric. I'm also pretty sure that Pam's opinion of Sookie is very different in the books than on the show. I'm not far enough into the re-read, and my memory is too rusty to be sure, but I want to say Pam and Sookie were actually friends, or at least quite friend-like, in the books. On the show, Pam despised Sookie. I mean, it was funny sometimes, but I preferred their relationship in the books, if I remember right.